We recommend lying by the pool and doing as little as possible but if the mood takes you to do something, here are some ideas or things that we can organise for you that are included in our €380 per adult per night price.

Country Party​​

During your stay in Villa Pozzolo it is always our pleasure to organise an Italian country party for you.
This video shows a 1920s party, which we had in Villa Pozzolo. 100 people came, 40 of which stayed in the Villa.

With the villa's lost in time charm it is the perfect place to celebrate a themed party with your friends and family.
Cooking Classes

As we have an open kitchen we always cook in front of you, but if you want to get more involved and learn how we use the lovely ingredients from our land it is our delight to teach you a variety of Tuscan dishes.
Painting or Sculpting

In Villa Pozzolo we host art workshops, from knitting to painting eggs. Let your artistic side run wild in our studio or go outside and let the Tuscan landscape inspire you!

Get warm eggs from the chicken coop or watch the doves fly. At Villa Pozzolo we have over 10 different breeds of rare chickens, ducks, pigeons, quails, cats and soon miniature Dexter cows.
Movie Night
With a projector and droping a sheet over the house we can transform the courtyard into an open air cinema to watch old classic movies. We prepare gourmet cinema food like buttermilk fried chicken and caramel popcorn.